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Iluka Dental Centre is the ideal dental clinic for anyone who always does not have enough time for himself, who is a little afraid of visits to the dentist, and, perhaps, does not always follow all the doctor's orders. You will feel comfortable with us: you will be reminded in time about the upcoming visit, they will explain the essence of each procedure, and most importantly, they will do everything to ensure that you sit in the dental chair for treatment as rarely as possible. And yet - our Dentist Alkimos, will treat you as gently and carefully as with a child!

Our Dentist Alkimos Address Complex Cases with Precision and Expertise


Any treatment in our clinics ends with a thorough restoration of the tooth, which should look even better than before and, most importantly, retain its shape and function.


The result of work on prosthetics should be comforting, allowing you to forget that there are artificial teeth in your mouth. And the smile must certainly become even more charming than it was before.

Bite correction

Modern orthodontics offers a fairly wide selection of orthodontic appliances, effective and comfortable. Invisible braces, transparent mouthguards - all the most modern bite correction methods.


When choosing a clinic, it is important to think: what will happen to the implant and the jawbone into which it is implanted in 3, 5, or 10 years? In dentistry, Iluka Dental Centre, prosthetics on implants are carried out not in an ordinary office but in the conditions of an operating unit. This is complete sterility and increased patient comfort. Complex surgical operations are performed under general anesthesia (in sleep). Operations are planned in a special Anatomage computer program: you can see the result even before the operation, and the implant surgeon will accurately plan the correct place for implant placement.


High-quality and regular professional oral hygiene helps to live without caries and other troubles. Experienced hygienists at Iluka Dental Centre will clean and polish every tooth.


Whitening - yes.But only under the supervision of a doctor, safe and gentle. Believe us, your teeth deserve extra care!

Council of Experienced Dentist Alkimos

The Iluka Dental Centre team of dentists includes endodontists, orthopedists, surgeons, implantologists, periodontists, anesthesiologists, radiologists and hygienists. Their experience and knowledge, the latest technologies that they are fluent in, will allow you to restore your dental health and maintain it year after year.

All technologies of comfortable dentistry for adult patients.

Complex dental cases require rigorous diagnostics and the high skill of an experienced Dentist Alkimos; anxiety and fear of procedures; an integrated approach to eliminating a dental problem – all these are our cases, our daily practice.

Excellent equipment and modern materials allow our doctors to achieve impressive results and treat reliably, aesthetically and with a good prognosis.

Treatment under a microscope, restoration with light-curing materials, the most accurate prosthetics with the best materials and the most modern methods of bite correction – our dentists have it all at Iluka Dental Centre.

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