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The mouth plays a fundamental role in the growth of the child because, with it, we learn to know the outside world, and primary functions such as swallowing, phonation (articulation of sounds and language), and chewing are developed.

This is why the role of the Kids Dentist Joondalup in our Iluka Dental Centre is fundamental. This figure teaches since the early years, with serenity and naturalness, how to do prevention to reduce the need to face dental care.

Following the development of the mouth of our young patients from the very first years is essential to keep the deciduous (milk) teeth healthy and "guide" their functional, morphological, and sensory growth, which can contribute to the correct overall growth of the child.

The psychological approach dedicated to the child

In this delicate approach, our role as specialist pediatric dentists (pedodontist) allows us to choose the best approach based on the child’s developmental level. The children’s dentist will also assess your aptitude for care and temperament and predict your response to dental treatments.

This is where the skill of the pediatric dentist lies: choosing the most suitable method to minimize the level of fear and anxiety of the child in front of you.

In the most difficult cases, or for certain interventions, it is possible to associate these techniques with specific pharmacological anxiolysis practices such as nitrous oxide. Protoxide is a non-toxic gas whose effect wears off immediately after the mask with which it is administered is detached and is intended to reduce anxiety, stress, and the gag reflex.

The first visit to the Kids Dentist Joondalup for children

It represents a very important moment in the process of approaching the dental world and determines the establishment of a feeling of trust and empathy necessary for the success of dental therapy.

The dentist will have to make sure that the child experiences the first visit as a positive, constructive, and enjoyable experience.

The ideal time to propose it is when you have not already encountered dental problems to be treated or painful pathologies are present.

The child will thus begin to become familiar with the dentist and the equipment that he uses, like an “expert wizard,” learning to recognize the typical smells and noises of the dental office.

A first visit that has a demonstrative purpose, as well as cognitive, can therefore be very advantageous.

Children with special needs? Our Kids Dentist Joondalup can assist!

Many children have special needs and need to be treated specially. Our Kids Dentist Joondalup at Iluka Dental Centre includes structures able to offer deep sedation treatments to allow adequate therapies for everyone. Contact us now for all your child’s dental needs!

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