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Do you have a dental emergency: The management of dental emergencies

Having a toothache is anything but unpleasant, and if we are all a little afraid to go to the Dentist Iluka, we must not hesitate to do so when it is an emergency. However, you still need to know what constitutes a real dental emergency. There are generally five types of dental emergencies:

  • Pulpitis, which is more often called “toothache”. It is an inflammation of the dental pulp, that is to say, the inside of the tooth (endodontic), which can result from different factors (untreated caries, strong pressure, etc.). It is to be taken care of urgently because it risks turning into necrosis. That is to say, it can destroy your dental pulp and leave the field free for bacteria to attack the bone. 
  • Periodontitis is primarily an infection of the periodontium (the tissues that support your teeth). Loose teeth are usually the best way to detect it.
  • Complications following a tooth extraction operation (such as wisdom teeth) or after jaw surgery are also dental emergencies. Moderate bleeding is common within hours of such operations. However, if they persist or get stronger, you should not hesitate to contact your Dentist Alkimos.
  • Infections following the placement of an implant are also dental emergencies. Caused by poor dental hygiene, they are very painful and can damage your teeth.
  • Finally, broken or loose teeth are obviously dental emergencies since you must consult a dentist as soon as possible to hope to reimplant or resolder your teeth. For this type of emergency, the pain is usually enough to motivate the patient to consult.

In all these cases, without exception, you must go to Emergency Dentist Butler as soon as possible. Whether it is to stop unbearable pain or to save your teeth (broken or loose teeth), emergency care is imperative. You only have one question to ask yourself: where to go?

The management of dental emergencies: different solutions depending on your situation

Treating a dental emergency at your dentist

When you face a dental emergency, your first instinct is often to call your referring dentist. It’s a good reflex; your family dentist knows your history, which simplifies your treatment. Better, you trust him and are more reassured in his presence. If he answers you and can take you in an emergency, that’s perfect. You’re off the hook! On the other hand, if he does not answer or refuses to take care of you for lack of time, things get complicated.

Know that dentists have obligations towards their patients and that they must, in particular, “bring assistance to a patient in distress”. This “distress” refers to the cases of dental emergencies that we have detailed earlier in this article. At Iluka Dental Centre, our Emergency Dentist Currambinewill therefore take care of you when you face one of these emergencies.

A dental emergency on Sunday- what to do?

Facing a dental emergency on a Sunday is not comfortable. Indeed, Sunday remains a special case for dental emergencies since many reception facilities are closed. However, if you are in this situation, there is no need to panic. There are solutions to get you treated quickly.

There are a few of them, but first of all, you can turn to hospital dental services. If it turns out to be too far away, then you have one last solution: contact the on-call Emergency Dentist Joondalup. At Iluka Dental Centre, we offer urgent dental care on Sundays also.

A dental emergency at night- What to do?

Whether during the week or on Sunday, daytime dental emergencies are relatively well taken care of. This is, unfortunately, less the case at night. Indeed, unlike on Sundays, no dentist is appointed to provide night calls.

However, some hospitals have a dental service that remains open all night. If you live near a big city, do an internet search to find out if your hospital offers such an overnight service. Otherwise, you will have to wait until morning to make an appointment or go to the nearest hospital’s emergency department. Of course, you will not be greeted by a dentist, but his doctors will still be able to provide you with first aid and relieve you of pain for the night.

Your dental clinic does not offer emergency Dental Implants Joondalup? Don’t worry; rely on Iluka Dental Centre, which guarantees access to the dental care you need, even in an emergency.

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